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Steve Jobs said: “Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” That is why at we achieve great things in business. Because we are a great team of people.

Reasons why you should work at

CoE (UoP) / B2B

We are flexible. How would you like to get involved with us? You can choose what fits you best.

Comfortable place to work

Our office is situated on the 5th and 10th floor of a modern office centre in the centre of Rybnik. Easy to get to by car, by bus and by train because all the stations are nearby. Moreover, you can ride a bike to work. Just like we do.

Well equipped kitchen

Because developers turn coffee into code (magic, isn’t it?), you can be sure we will never run out of it. The same is with tea and yerba. You can make toasts or grill something. Everything is close at hand.


There is plenty of training we provide our employees. You can attend industry and technical TechTalks, internal and external training, English lessons, conferences, meetups, discussion panels, etc. We share our knowledge. What can we learn from you?

Casual dress code

You don’t own any tie? That’s fine, we do not require them. We let ourselves to be who we really are. And yes, flip flops are allowed!


There are some regular events like keynotes, hackathons, game evenings, family picnics, last Friday beer meeting, company birthday, etc. Last year we started canoeing and mountain trips. What would you like to do with us?

Fruits on Mondays, sweets on Fridays

Balance is a very important part of life. That’s why we provide fruits on each Monday and sweets on each Friday. Yummy!


We support our team members in building up their knowledge. You can make use of books gathered in’s library. Do you need anything else? No problem! Let us know what is missing and we’ll get it for you.

Here is more about our company culture


We’re an IT company and we like to share our knowledge. In we have an opportunity to share it with other colleagues. TechTalks it’s the best place to learn something new. What can we learn from you?


It’s our tradition, new employees have a special meeting with our Employer Branding Specialist. During this meeting new people can learn everything about the company, they are introduced to other colleagues and they officially become members.

English lessons

At English lessons are important because we are constantly improving our skills.

StrengthsFinder / Gallup test

The test is just the beginning. When you discover your natural talents we help you to plan your development path. Later on, we support you in reaching your goals.

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See some pictures from our everyday life

Here we work, talk and develop our clients' software on a daily basis

We are looking for

Back-end developer

we want you to:

  • create applications and implement functional requirements provided by the owner feature
  • implement tests at various levels: individual, integration, component, contractual, functional and performance
  • maintain/ repair errors
  • compile necessary documentation
  • be responsibile for configuring the CI / CD

we expect:

  • previous experience in a similar position
  • knowledge of Java and DDD and BDD techniques
  • knowledge of English

we appreciate:

  • practical knowledge of Elasticsearch, Spring Boot, AMQP / RabbitMQ, Machine Learning, and JIRA, Git tools
  • the ability to work in a team using agile techniques (SCRUM)

QA Engineer

we want you to:

  • create test strategies
  • automate test cases
  • test software / applications
  • cooperate with the entire project team in the full cycle of software development and troubleshooting
  • ensure software compatibility with business and system requirements

we expect:

  • knowledge of software testing
  • experience in working with Java in the field allowing for the automation of tests
  • skills in working with Selenium or Jmeter
  • knowledge of English

we appreciate:

  • knowledge of DDD and BDD techniques
  • knowledge of architecture based on micro-services
  • practical skill in handling Elasticsearch, SpringBoot, AMQP, RabbitMQ, Jira, Git, GitLab, Jenkins

Front-end developer

we want you to:

  • develop modern front-end components for the system in micro-service architecture
  • build user interface based on current trends (responsive, reactive) and modern libraries and technologies
  • create software used on a daily basis by tens of thousands of users
  • direct cooperation with UX and UI projects

we expect:

  • previous experience in a similar position
  • knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5 and tools ReactJS, AngularJS, WordPress
  • knowledge of English

we appreciate:

  • knowledge of DDD and BDD techniques
  • knowledge of micro -service architecture and node.js
  • the ability to design user interfaces,
  • practical knowledge of JIRA, GIT and PHP


we want you to:

  • support development teams in the preparation of infrastructure solutions
  • select technologies and tools to support the software we develop
  • develop existing server and network infrastructure
  • maintain environments (servers, cloud services, systems)

we expect:

  • previous experience in a similar position
  • knowledge of the version management system (Git)
  • the practical ability to automate CI / CD processes in the Gitlab or Jenkins environment
  • knowledge of at least one of the virtualization tools: KVM, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes
  • the ability to manage Linux and create automation scripts (bash, python, ruby)
  • general knowledge of database issues (SQL and NoSQL)
  • knowledge of English

we appreciate:

  • experience in working with microservice architecture and cloud services (AWS)
  • independence and responsibility
  • the ability to work in a team using agile techniques (SCRUM)

What do others say?

Creating effective IT solutions is primarily the art of selecting the most appropriate technologies. This difficult task requires continuous learning. Working at, I can learn and develop my competencies. All in a friendly atmosphere in which cooperation and exchange of experience come first.

Krzysztof Białek, architect and software developer

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