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About us

Providing safety

The protection of intellectual property is of crucial importance to us. We always sign a confidentiality clause with our clients. We believe in honesty and openness. You will be updated on the progress throughout the entire project.

We like challenges

But we act rationally. We only take on projects which we are capable of finalizing. With a careful but creative approach, we can deliver top quality products and win the trust of our customers.

We are Agile

We will quickly provide you with verifiable system components. You participate in their creation. You can verify it and share your insight as we progress. This is how you can be sure that the final product will meet your expectations.

What do we do?

Our team of seasoned specialists creates useful and flexible software, ready to face the challenges of the changing world. We believe that even the most complex IT systems can be easy to develop and user-friendly.

Smart applications

Our technology allows our clients to collect and analyze data. We make the next step possible with the smart applications we prepare. By designing the apps to take advantage of our collected insights, we create self-optimizing processes. Would you like an automatic estimation of delivery time with historical data? No problem!

Data science

Big data is not only about gathering the data – it is mostly about looking for the patterns and the hidden knowledge within it. What’s more, data science allows companies not only to gain insight from structured data (e.g. Excel sheets) but also from non-structured data like company e-mails or social media. With our expertise, we help companies to clean up messy data and consequently to start to harvest insights from the information.

Cloud-native applications

Cloud computing is something more than the processing power – it is the myriad of added services and solutions that power up change. Cloud-native apps are designed to take full advantage of cloud computing. We can fire up your business with all the unlimited computing power, unbreakable security and flexibility of the cloud-native applications we design.


The idea of building a monolithic, swiss-army-knife of software is slowly fading, due to the growing popularity of launching microservices. We develop our software as a system of independent and reliable tools designed to fulfill a particular need. By delivering a scalable-yet-lightweight solution, we allow your company to be more agile and flexible.

System migrations

The aged software may be one of the most significant obstacles to growth in the modern market. With our experience, we can be reliable guides during the replatforming and system migration process. We know how to upgrade the existing system without losing the quality and functionalities. By migrating the system into the cloud and updating the old software, the company skyrockets the performance and delivers the power to grow. And we know how to do that.

Machine learning

With the power of cloud computing and the flexibility of modern software design, nearly any company can power up a business with machine learning. We provide the support and the expertise necessary to imbue your business with machine learning. From an automated system of recommendations to a self-improving logistics applications, you name it, we deliver it.

We are consultants

With every project we deliver, system we forge and client we serve, we learn new things. The knowledge and experience of our people are our key advantages. We know how to listen and find the best areas in the client’s business to improve with our technology. We design tailored software based on our client’s needs. With our support a company can become more efficient and deliver better results. Feel free to ask questions, we’re open for inquiries.


We are dedicated to the creation a uniform TMS system customised to the needs of transport and forwarding companies. The solution is available for small, medium-sized and large companies. Our application is designed to optimise the efficiency of a transport / forwarding / logistics company.

Applied technologies:
Java, Vaadin, Spring, DDD

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Creating a modern information portal for transport industry. Using an innovative algorithm, various content in the form of articles, video reports and short news is presented to viewers based on their preferences.

Any user can also be the editor. The registered users of TransInfo have access to tools for editing, analyzing and publishing content. The website is available in a dozen foreign languages.
A modern information portal for the transport industry.
Migration of data from the existing system.
Developing an algorithm for adapting the published content to users, based on their preferences and interests.
The product features tools for social media editors.
A modern architecture handling several thousand views per day.

Applied technologies:
ReactJS, Java, AWS, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ

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Transaction Risk Indicator

Safety through knowledge. Case study of the Transaction Risk Indicator

Our client requested a system that estimates the possible safety of a transaction based on the historical data gathered in the system.

The main challenge was processing such a large amount of data in such a short time. This required architecture that allows both the collection and use of the vast quantities of stored data. All the processing had to be done quickly and, in some cases, in real time.

We designed the system leveraging our experience in processing streaming data as well as the implementation of event-driven architecture. The resultant software allows companies to process data in near-real time.

With the help of our software, the client may deliver a platform that estimates the credibility of business partners for the transportation market. The indicator, based on real-time data, is updated daily.

Applied technologies:
RabbitMQ, Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Elasticsearch

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Sebastian Rzytki

SebastianRzytki leader

Sebastian is a true observer, good at reading people. He is a focused perfectionist, who loves delving into areas like Bible study and team development.

Krzysztof Adamczyk

KrzysztofAdamczyk leader

Krzysztof is one of the three founders of the company. “Focused” is the word that describes him best. Krzysztof is ambitious and determined. He enjoys reading travel books on Southern Asia in the company of a glass of good whiskey.

Adam Krosny


Architect, Project Leader

Adam is a natural leader which is often evident during various IT projects. Intuitive and visionary, he is skilled at designing software architecture and guiding the team in the right direction.

Krzysztof Białek


Architect, Software Developer

For Krzysztof family is a priority. Krzysztof’s hobbies include tinkering in the summer and playing guitar in the winter. On a daily basis, Krzysztof works on solutions that recommend content to users.

Agnieszka Dziewior-Karwat


Office Assistant

Agnieszka takes care of documentation. An oasis of calm, thanks to her the office feels like home. Agnieszka loves board games and has a great sense of humour.

Michał Trela


Software Tester

“We can do it” is Michał’s motto. Michał thinks outside of the box which is a valuable asset to the team. Michał is interested in sci-fi literature and leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Adam Amalio


Project Leader, Software Developer

Adam is one of our team leaders and enjoys learning new technologies. In his free time, when he doesn’t have to think, he likes hiking, basketball, motorcycling and speedway.

Jerzy Hodor


Infrastructure Architect

Jerzy is known for his holistic and analytical approach to IT issues. He enjoys traveling, be it by bike, motorbike or boat.

Marcin Boczkowski


Software Developer

Marcin is skilled at collecting and analyzing information. Marcin enjoys reading, skiing and cycling.

Małgorzata Muras


Creative Specialist

In the office, Małgorzata fuses information with vision and creates. At home, she loves baking for her family and reading Filip Springer reportages.

Małgorzata Tańska


Software Tester

Małgorzata has a great eye for detail which is helpful in producing high-quality software. In her free time, Małgorzata likes spending time with her family and reading.

Daniel Jendroska


Project Leader, Software Developer

Daniel almost became the lead in a band but then decided to pursue a career as a technical leader. Daniel is responsible and punctual. His interests include running and politics.

Sebastian Janeczek


Front-End Developer

Sebastian specializes in front-end technologies. He enjoys new challenges and experiences, traveling, time with friends as well as countless types of sport.

Aleksander Pyszny


Software Developer

Conscientious and reliable, Aleksander always gets the job done. Aleksander designs, analyses, cycles and sails. He enjoys learning new technologies and assembling models.

Emanuel Litwiniuk


Software Developer

Come on he doesn’t like tomato is a fan of botany. He knows a lot about bonsai, ponds and good software.

Adam Paprotny


Software Tester

Adam is reliable and skilled at diagnosing problems. In addition to testing his hobbies include electrical design and control cabinets.

Krystian Juraszek


Front-End Developer

Krystian loves his work, programming is his passion. In addition he enjoys cycling.

Grzegorz Żarnowski


Software Developer

Do you know the feeling when the meeting is taking ages and the work hasn’t been done? Grzegorz knows it very well. He is a conscientious programmer, open to learning new technologies.

Aga Mikołajec


Marketing Product Manager

Aga is convinced that having no ideas is a bad idea. Aga loves good films, thai cuisine and urban travel. Her 8 year old son thinks she’s a writer.

Jacek Tomalak


Software Tester

Jacek’s analytical mind is certainly an asset in the workspace. His specialties are writing automated tests and snowboarding.

Andrzej Hanusek


Front-End Developer

Andrzej is a front-end developer, best known for his ability to absorb knowledge. Andrzej’s interests are very humanistic: history, literature and film.

Marcin Tkocz


Front-End Developer

Marcin is a front-end developer and car enthusiast. Marcin’s contribution to our team is web page coding using ReactJS.

Łukasz Morawiec


Front-End Developer

Front-end + web applications + javascript = Łukasz. Łukasz is a conscientious and creative addition to the team. He is passionate about the automotive industry and electronics.

Krzysztof Raszka


Software Developer

Krzysztof works as a backend developer, although he is no stranger other branches of IT. Krzysztof is a fan of mountain climbing and gamedev.

Rafał Szulik


Software Developer

Rafał is a backend developer who enjoys developing his programming skills. His other interest include computer and paper games.

Adam Wnuk


Software Developer

Occupation: writer. Genre: Java applications. Adam enjoys history and gamedev.

Mirosław Zaniewicz



Mirek works as Software Developer. He’s a Kindle lover who admits to one addiction: Netflix binge-watching.

Magdalena Dajka


new business manager

She loves explore new places. In free time she likes to cook. Also Magda likes to be surrounded by happy and open people. Magda has create new business relationships with potential clients.

A Strong team. Professional products

We are looking for bright, extraordinary, experienced people who are brimming with fresh ideas. If you enjoy challenges and aim for top quality in your work we are a match. We work in a test-driven and continuous delivery environment. We maintain a positive atmosphere at work and we support people who want to develop their skills.
Would you like to create advanced software for thousands of users across Europe? Join us!

Front-End Developer

Rybnik, Poland

We are looking for a Front-End Web Developer to join our team.

Development stack: HTML5, CSS, SASS, ReactJS, Redux, Webpack, Jest, Enzyme.

Experience: Junior / Regular / Senior

Employment type: Employment Contract / B2B

Back-End Developer

Rybnik, Poland

We are looking for a Backend-End Developer to join our team.

Development stack: Java 8, Spring Boot, Spring Integration, DDD, Elasticsearch

Experience: Junior / Regular / Senior

Employment type: Employment Contract / B2B

QA Software Tester

Rybnik, Poland

We are looking for a Quality Assurance Software Tester to join our team.

Development stack: Java 8, Selenium, Performance testing, Manual testing, Git, REST

Experience: Junior / Regular / Senior

Employment type: Employment Contract / B2B


We use

We know our stuff

The technology
Technology is only a tool that transforms the business. Our experts know how to leverage technology to improve the business process without losing the unique values of the company. With you can reach for the most renowned enterprise technologies and see how Your business is getting stronger!

The Design
The expertise of our team allows us to can listen, analyze and design the solution which both fulfills the need and serves the business. We are the advisor who understands the business and know how to support the company with the proper system. We build solutions that are scalable, efficient and can be easily expanded in the future.

We are Human to Human

The methodology
We believe that a fast delivery of the minimum viable product is the best way to check if the product is satisfying. We use agile software development, leveraging both scrum and Kanban techniques. By delivering projects with iterations, we can receive swift feedback and prepare the systems our clients not only asked for but really need.

The support
We love to listen, and we know how to help. We are happy to share our experience and show, how the client can improve the processes and improve their company. We are fully transparent and willing to share all required information about the progress, the project or the means we use to create software.

We know the trends

The infrastructure
Only a deep understanding of the business process makes it possible to choose, construct and design the appropriate technology, model and architecture. Thanks to our holistic approach we are skilled at finding the right solutions. Using Amazon Web Services technology we deliver scalable, reliable and secure infrastructure for our products.

The power of data
Since data is considered to be the fuel of the modern business and the most critical asset of every company, we leverage its power from the first moments of software creation. We see each project as an opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise. We collect and analyze data to extract every bit of relevant information. 


Thank You! Changes have begun!