Healthcare services

Healthcare services

Digital revolution in healthcare

New technologies influence not only the digital world development. Healthcare solutions can change the lives of millions of people for the better. This applies to the offline world as well.

Healthcare services

The main challenges for the industry

Integration of applications with external devices

Using relational database we can integrate an application with physical devices which allow, among other things, to measure blond sugar level and monitor it constantly.

Storage and processing of data

Proper storage of data and information about users is of key importance also in the healthcare industry. Permanent access to a personalized account makes it easier to use and register patient’s health condition

Data protection

Ensuring data security and constant collection of reports on a patient’s health condition is the biggest challenge for the healthcare industry

A large number of users

Modern back-end solution makes it possible to use the application by a large number of users


What technologies we use in the Healthcare services

Technology stack:




System iOS, System Android





Business Reports:

AWS Glue

AWS Glue


Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Healthcare development services case study


About the project

mySugr - one of the most promising startups from Vienna - specializes in app-based, all-around care for people with diabetes - made by people with diabetes. The company is growing fast. They joined the Roche family in June of 2017. Currently over 1.8 million people are using this worldwide diabetes tracker log. Wishing to cooperate with talented programmers, they established a partnership with in 2018.

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