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From scratch development services

From scratch development services

The idea is just the beginning

Do you have an idea for a product, but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you know what to do, but lack the means to make it happen? Use the technology and know-how of

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How to start a new project?

Aim high but proceed one step at a time. Instead of comprehensive product, first create its basic version called MVP (Minimum Viable Product).


Analysis is the key to introducing any product to the market.


With MVP, you can verify if your idea works as intended and gather early feedback from the users.


If your product takes root, you can proceed to develop it. We are here to help you, so you can tell us what you want to change.


When you get it ready for distribution it will already have an established base of customers, and its usefulness will be confirmed. You can then achieve both goals with minimal effort.

What is the MVP?

Minimum Viable Product is a prototype of your product. Its creation conforms to the Agile Methodology of app development, which assumes that it's essential to verify as early as possible if the proposed solution will work as intended. Agile is one of the primary Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC).



You can quickly test a new solution and draw effective conclusions


You may adept the solution to your business on a new level


You may create solutions unavailable on the market


You may quickly change your concept depending in the results and needs

How long does it take to build an MVP?

We are aware that you wish to receive your product as soon as possible. In order for our software house to get ready to start developing, we need to know your expectations, goals, and budget. Our work comprises the stages below, some of which are optional.



At the beginning, we need to analyze your needs. We know from our experience how important it is to lay the groundwork of the project. At this stage, it's worth distinguishing the functions that are of greatest value to your company. That’s why we always create MVP based on customer expectations. We also help to consult and give you advice, so it’s easier to start our cooperation.


Our best work From scratch development services

Smart Match

About the project

Who should you entrust with the transport of cargo on a particular route? Is the interested carrier reliable? Many cargo companies face such choices every day. SmartMatch is a solution that helps to make the right business decision based on the analysis of data from different sources. SmartMatch is a part of the exchange – one of the biggest freight exchanges in Europe.

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How to progress from an idea to an MVP?


How can we help to create and further develop an MVP?


How much does it cost to create an MVP?


How to pay for app development?


Which technology should I choose to build an online/mobile app?


How can we help lower the cost?


Healthcare services

New technologies influence not only the digital world development. Healthcare solutions can change the lives of millions of people for the better. This applies to the offline world as well.

HR services

In the days of employee market employers compete each other in trying not only to win employees but first of all to keep them in their jobs. Offering various benefits or perks is the most popular method of achieving this purpose. When you offer a variety of benefits it is crucial to manage them skillfully.

Logistics services

How to manage a freight company successfully? How to decide which forwarder is trustworthy? How to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety? Technology can be of assistance helping to increase business results.