Storybook 8 introduces a range of exciting features and improvements, enhancing its capabilities as a tool for building and testing UI components. If you have a React project, this upgrade reduces your Storybook start time by up to 20%. For Webpack projects, Storybook 8 uses Speedy Web Compiler (SWC) as the default compiler for new projects, speeding up the load time for stories.

Enhanced performance

A new default compiler, auto-generated controls for React projects and a new —test flag all lead to faster, better performance.

Automated visual tests

Storybook 8 now comes with an official visual testing add-on for Storybook so you can run visual tests of your stories without having to commit changes.

New mobile UI

A full makeover for Storybook’s mobile UI makes it easier to navigate.

What changed?

If your project uses the older storiesOf syntax to write stories, you would need to rewrite them with the Component Story Format (CSF) since the storiesOf API is now removed from Storybook version 8.

How do I upgrade to Storybook 8?

Type the following command in your terminal:

npx storybook@next upgrade

You can find all the changes from the Storybook 8 Changelog here.