In the evolving landscape of software development, efficiency and scalability are paramount. This is where Nx monorepos come into play, offering a unified approach to managing multiple projects within a single repository. Nx, a build system with advanced CI capabilities, is revolutionizing the way developers work with monorepos.

What is a Monorepo?

A monorepo is a single git repository that contains the source code for multiple applications and libraries, along with their associated tooling. The monorepo approach contrasts with having separate repositories for each project, which can lead to challenges in code sharing and synchronization.

The Nx Advantage

Nx provides a suite of tools that facilitate monorepo-style development without the drawbacks of simple code collocation. It ensures that developers don’t run unnecessary tests or face issues with code boundaries and inconsistent tooling.

Shared Code and Visibility

With Nx, code DRYness (Don’t Repeat Yourself) is maintained across the entire organization. It allows for the reuse of validation code, UI components, and types across the codebase, fostering a more cohesive and maintainable code environment.

Atomic Changes

Nx enables atomic changes, allowing developers to modify a server API and the downstream applications that consume that API in the same commit. This feature is crucial for maintaining consistency and reducing integration headaches.

Developer Mobility

The tooling provided by Nx offers a consistent way of building and testing applications, regardless of the tools and technologies used. This consistency boosts developer mobility, empowering them to contribute across teams with confidence.

Single Set of Dependencies

By using a single version of all third-party dependencies, Nx reduces inconsistencies between applications. This ensures that even less actively developed applications remain up-to-date with the latest frameworks and tools.

Scaling with Nx

Nx is not just about code collocation; it’s about providing a scalable infrastructure for your monorepo. With features like consistent command execution and consistent code generation, Nx streamlines the development process, making it faster and more reliable.


The Nx monorepo approach is more than a trend; it’s a strategic decision that can lead to significant improvements in development practices. By adopting Nx, organizations can ensure that their development processes are as efficient and scalable as possible, ready to meet the demands of modern software development.

NX 19 just landed:

  • Gradle Integration: A significant addition is the new @nx/gradle plugin, which simplifies the integration of Gradle into Nx workspaces, marking Nx’s expansion beyond the JavaScript ecosystem.
  • Performance Improvements: Upgrades like the rollup to v4 and optimizations in config loading speed up the build process, making it more efficient.
  • Developer Experience: New generators and migrations facilitate the transition to Nx’s latest features, such as Project Crystal, which streamlines plugin usage and configuration.

NX Cloud Updates!

  • speed: Reported 30% – 70% faster CI
  • cost: Reported 40% – 75% reduction in CI costs
  • reliability: Nx Cloud’s automatic detection and retrying of flaky tests makes the issue of flaky tests largely go away entirely.

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