Smart Match

About the project

Who should you entrust with the transport of cargo on a particular route? Is the interested carrier reliable? Many cargo companies face such choices every day. SmartMatch is a solution that helps to make the right business decision based on the analysis of data from different sources. SmartMatch is a part of the exchange – one of the biggest freight exchanges in Europe.



The project’s main challenge was to design a smart solution for analyzing many factors from different sources on the basis of which users receive freight carriers' recommendations.


SmartMatch analyzes 21 factors that include the certificates possessed by the carrier, marks, route matching, age of the vehicle fleet, or previous experience with the customer. Depending on the factor’s significance each filter may decrease or increase the value of the carrier. After collecting the data, we performed the data analysis on the Spark computing platform. The indicators were used to recommend freight carriers. Then we made the integrations of the mathematical model - the learning machine - an algorithm that scores the company (constant features).

Tech stack


The most valuable benefit of this project is long-term cooperation. Another aspect is the trust and high-quality product that meets the requirements of users from all over the world.


In the dynamically changing market conditions, which are the basis for the specificity of the SmartMatch solution, a committed team is important in cooperation. They also need to be able to translate ideas into a working solution, while understanding the specificity of the business. The team complies with these criteria.

Aleksander Olbert

Product Owner,


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