About the project

Searchmetrics is the market-leading provider of a software platform for online marketing, with a clear strategic focus on Search and Content Marketing. The project was focused around the company's main product – SEO platform services. The client was using UM but decided to move some of their services to AWS, and needed professional support.’s role was to provide the highest quality of programming and architecture skills.



Supporting migrating services into the cloud, the main goal was to move to the cloud with dispatch in estimated time. After analysis, AWS tools and services were predicted to bring some savings to the company. Completing the replacement of old services (satellite) with new ones, we had to find all the dependencies, connections between the services.


The existing infrastructure configuration in Ansible had been refactored. Missing infrastructure configurations had been added based on manually added entries in CloudFormation. Old services written in PHP or Java were put in Docker, health-checks were added to enable their installation in the AWS ECS cluster and load balancing using ELB. We did the reverse engineering of existing infrastructure into Ansible to get infrastructure configuration in code ('Software as a code'), as well as we adapted old services so that they could be implemented in the ECS.

Tech stack


The data migration improved server infrastructure capability and eliminated all problems with application operation and resource availability in case of overload. Crucial thing is that all clients receive demanded data much faster thanks to geolocation. New infrastructure is highly scalable. Implemented mechanisms help to quickly increase or decrease resources, with minimal possible time of application unavailability. Additionally, new infrastructure enables us to separate traffic generated by the application itself from traffic generated by users.


Experienced developers with wide competencies and excellent communication skills and culture supported us in reaching our goals.

Carsten Neuendorf,

VP Engineering, Searchmetrics GmbH


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