About the project

QuickPay is an app which purpose is to check data in various factoring systems and give information about contractor’s reliability. The solution functions on the Trans.eu exchange – one of the biggest freight exchanges in Europe.



QuickPay, as a service providing specific kinds of micro factoring features, mediates in communication with financial service providers (e.g TransCash). One of the biggest challenges was integration with the factoring system.


The external factoring system had a low availability rate, so it was necessary to make a ‘watchdog’ that makes sure that all information (documents, applications, etc.) reaches the external system. We designed and developed a microservice responsible for handling factoring cases including client verifications, service pricing, creation and execution of factoring applications.

Tech stack


QuickPay was integrated with TransCash succesfully, and its micro factoring features became available for the users of trans.eu platform.


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