About the project

Metrix is ​​an information dashboard designed to support transport planning and freight pricing. It contains current data from the European market, the time history of which can be analyzed on detailed charts. In addition, the interactive map allows you to track the intensity of orders between European countries, and even their individual regions. Metrix is ​​part of the solutions at - the leading transport exchange in Europe.



Our role was to provide the highest quality of programming and architecture skills, as well as to be a reliable partner in developing AWS tools, when it comes to data migration. The biggest challenge was choosing the technology to aggregate large amounts of data from various sources in one place. The data is over 300GB, which was ultimately to be displayed in a dozen, well-refined in terms of UX views.


Project, divided into frontend and backend applications, has been deployed to AWS infrastructure using Docker, AWS ECS and RDS services. Development and deployment configuration has been provided through Terraform repository, which helped coordinate work between development and infrastructure teams.

Tech stack


The data migration from the previous version of the system increased server infrastructure capacity and removed all application operation and resource availability issues in the event of an overload. The important thing is that, thanks to geolocation, all clients receive requested data much faster.

Testimonials’s commitment throughout the engagement has been a delight. Their team is proactive, proposing ideas for technology, user experience, and business.

Szymon Knychalski,

Product Owner, Group SA


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