About the project

Kipinä is an international platform for communication between school, teachers, and the parents. It’s also a school management system that helps to supervise the child's progress.



AWS setup was one of our main challenges, but the biggest one here was video conversion. Besides that, we had to get to know the solutions used by the previous development team and rewrite the application in a way that enables its further development. Our second challenge in this project was to create a VOD service for Kipinä mobile app that is targeted to a global audience.


For the frontend part of the project (mobile application) has prepared and implemented highly scalable, reliable architecture based on Amazon Web Services. We wanted our developers to be focused on building applications, so we used AWS Fargate, a serverless compute engine for Docker containers that work with Amazon ECS. This solution removes the need of managing servers, it’s cost-friendly (the customer only pays for the resources used), and improves security through application isolation by design. launched ECS service with Amazon ELB which prepares them for increased application traffic and allows maintaining high resource availability (HA). For the second challenge, we used a few AWS Cloud solutions to achieve this goal. To store and archive video files we used Amazon S3, AWS Elemental MediaConvert to transcode and optimize files, Amazon CloudFront for global distribution of the transcoded content, and AWS Step Functions to orchestrate the whole process (ingest, processing, and publishing workflows).

Tech stack


The results of implementing the application to AWS are scalability and quick availability regardless of the user’s location. After implementing this solution, the time required to play the video decreased from 30s to about 5s, regardless of the location.


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