About the project

Axxiome Banking is a comprehensive, ready-to-run, end-to-end platform for consumer and business retail banking, underpinned by proven state-of-the-art technology. It encapsulates expertise from many banking transformation programs worldwide, combining best-in-class core-banking processes with powerful omnichannel architecture and market-leading banking products.



The development of technology has a tremendous influence on the banking industry which due to the fact that it processes enormous amounts of sensitive banking data requires particularly well prepared and innovative solutions. We were hired by Axxiome to improve banking processes so the platform was ready to expand to other markets.


We implemented a backend module for banking processes. We continued to migrate it to new architecture using Java 8, Oracle, Maven, and Camunda. The platform was prepared to scale in the new architecture. In the next part of the process, we were delivering new, better-designed functionalities.

Tech stack


In our cooperation, we have taken up the activities associated with the preparation and modeling of business processes based on the main components of banking systems. We have also prepared API responsible for bank and banking product communication. Valley National Bank and Meed were our main beneficiaries of the product.


Working with the team from fireup was a pleasure. The guys from the team always show initiative, and their own ideas and use knowledge from previous projects to come up with solutions and share their knowledge. The experience they have is noticeable at first sight. They grasped the idea of the project very fast and became a self-sustainable team. It was a great experience seeing a team really working together on every level. Thank you, guys.

Piotr Wanat

Senior Product Engineer, Axxiome


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