Software is not only about the tech. The key is the need, that is to be fulfilled. But developing outstanding software requires many more uncommon qualities – is not yet another software house. We deliver the value by providing the extraordinary quality of our work.

A long time ago…

…as so often fairy tales begin. Fairy tales whose heroes must face dragons, and sometimes internal weaknesses, in order to finally live happily ever after. Why am I writing about this? Because it was the same with our company. But let’s start at the beginning…

Whilst working and gaining experience at an IT company, two friends were assigned to work on a joint project. Something clicked. Although completely different, they both dreamed of creating something great. Everything was compatible: the vision, the idea, the experience, and, above all, the energy to act. This was the beginning of FireTMS – one of the leading programs for managing a transport and forwarding company on the Polish market.

Dragons materialized here

Of course, the first dragons already materialized here. There were dozens of risk-loaded decisions, application development concessions, and a general financial struggle to keep heads above water. Despite all the problems, the goal was clear. The goal was to create a place where work and passion could merge. An employee’s dream job.

How did the duet grow into a 50-person software house? The first step was to bring in the best programmers around. Those who worked in international teams, and those who had experience working on large projects for foreign clients. Part of the vision was to create a work atmosphere that is still sadly lacking in our environment. But the previous projects in which the developers took part were not without significance.

Butterflies in our stomachs

Slowly but surely we started to leave the product area and obtained our first external service project. It was a defining moment. Not only did we gain a lot of experience, we also knew that this was the big challenge that we needed at that moment. We fell in love with systems migrations at first sight. Suddenly, we felt this was what we were looking for. We started searching for more people who had experience in this area, and those with a passion to learn it.

Beginnings like this are always packed with energy and emotion. At moments we had butterflies in our stomachs, at every turn we wanted to be one step ahead of the constant changes of today’s IT world. We want to anticipate trends and to transfer fossilized structures to the orderly world of microservices. Ultimately, we want to be the best. a new era

From that time, everything has changed. Our logo, the number of teams and people in the teams. We have started to acquire new partners. But one thing hasn’t changed – the atmosphere. In the midst of hundreds of thousands of written code, we still meet in our favorite kitchen, constantly adding mugs of which there are never enough.

There is no shortage of sharing with our families, industry jokes, culinary bragging, delicious coffee, and good relationships. Regardless of whether it were in the middle of a retro evening of games, or just an ordinary Tuesday morning, nobody looks tired. Why? Because this place gives us Power. The Power to change IT.

At we work with you to recognize, understand, and help you achieve your goals. We create a feedback loop to improve quickly and effectively. We’re concerned about both the customer and employee sides of the applications you implement. For us, it’s the only way anyone can be successful in business.