Back-end programming has become more and more advanced. As a result, the new trends and approaches have appeared. There’s a strong focus on, e.g. cloud-based solutions and containerization. Let’s find out top backend trends you should know in 2022.

There have been a lot of changes to backend development over the decade. The newest approach shifts towards serverless, microservices, and achieving code scaling and accessibility

Things you will learn

Let’s find out the essentials of backend know-how for 2022. Knowing what is going on helps you steer your career as a backend developer in the right way. In this post, you’ll discover current trends and areas that every backend developer should invest in to improve.

Serverless architecture

Serverless computing is a growing trend that fosters backend operations. This is an approach to software development that enables building and running services without the need to handle the whole infrastructure behind. Thanks to the growing popularity of serverless architecture backend developers no longer need to buy the server hardware on their own. There’s also no need to focus on maintaining the servers thanks to the services of serverless providers. Running the software’s code has become much easier thanks to cloud solutions such as AWS.

Pro tip:

The word “serverless” may sound a bit confusing, so let’s explain it. It doesn’t mean that the software doesn’t require any servers. They are still needed, however, provided by third-party vendors, not backend developers, who don’t have to worry about this issue during their work.

One of the main advantages of serverless architecture for backend developers is greater scalability. Applications based on serverless architecture will automatically scale up.


Container technology generates lots of interest. One of the most popular tools is Kubernetes which has become a new interface for cloud computing. Needles to say, containerization of backend is also a growing trend that brings in the real revolution to software development. First of all, it enables scaling the applications whenever it’s necessary. A container keeps both an app and all the necessary stuff for it to run. Containers give developers greater flexibility and allow to build apps effortlessly. Containerization is a highly effective technique when transferring programs to the cloud. Along with serverless computing, it’s really beneficial for backend teams. Serverless containers can be used to deploy APIs and host websites.

API-first Approach

APIs are definitely the biggest priority in the development process, and something that every backend developer has in mind. API-first approach means that the enterprise values APIs and pays attention to them. It’s a product-centered approach, in which API is treated as a discrete product. The main benefits of taking up API-first approach include:

  • producing APIs faster,
  • more frequent deployment,
  • quicker recovery time in case of failure,
  • reducing dependencies.

APIs-first development allows for achieving greater flexibility. When APIs are treated as separate products, they can be easily designed and developed. As a result, the teams building APIs gets more freedom of choice, especially when it comes to deciding on tech stack.


Microservices is another trend in backend to watch. Let’s grasp the better meaning of what a microservice really is. Simply put, it is a piece of software running on its own. We can differentiate various types of microservices, e.g. the ones used with serverless apps, or APIs for modularity. As a result of using this modularity, there may be the establishment of small and separate services. Microservices can be created in any programming language, as they don’t use dependencies. Applying microservices to backend enables delivering more scalable applications.

Sum up

Being familiar with backend development trends will help you to keep up with the changing market demands, and deliver the best websites and applications with excellent UX. If you need professionally developed software based on the latest backend trends, contact us! We can become your trusted partner in developing software from scratch.