Stefan Moritz, a well-known service design coach, said: „80% of companies believe they deliver outstanding value and a superior customer experience, but only 8% of their customers agree.” Let’s find out how to be a part of that 8% group. Regardless of the role, we play in a project.

As a software supplier, our goal is to design and create the most suited solutions, which help our customers solving problems and developing their businesses. In regard to one of the agile manifesto’s most fundamental rights valuing customer collaboration over contract negotiations – our key to success is effective communication.

Effective communication in customer collaboration

Communication is the key element of successful cooperation. Therefore, from the first contact, we build a partnering atmosphere. In other words, this is the foundation of mutual trust. Thanks to the ability to listen actively, we can understand the vision of the needs presented by the client. And develop the concept of software solutions. That will eventually achieve the goal set together.

Customer’s awareness

The most valuable and most desirable feature, of the software house customer, is his awareness. However, this is not only an understanding of the characteristics of the design process. It is primarily the ability to present your needs – business requirements. Regarding potential software in a way that the team of designers can quickly transfer them into elements of the design process. As a result, effective communication plays an important role here. Difficult? The solution is simpler than you might think.

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When identifying programming needs in your company, it is most helpful to constantly ask questions for example: why? what for? And constantly searching for answers. This form of looking for improvements will lead us to the group of employees, who will most often use the new tool. In the design process, we call them users. It is the users who are most aware of the functions and their operation in the new software. Business requirements for new software. This will help in the efficient design and implementation of software solutions.

Let’s do IT together!

There are many ways to increase the efficiency of communication in software house cooperation with customers. For example one of them has been discussed above, the next is eg ordering a reliable analysis of the needs of the software supplier. Regardless of the direction chosen, effective communication based on trust and partnership significantly increases the satisfaction of collaboration and the quality of final products. We’ve already checked that out, and you?

At we work with you to recognize, understand, and help you achieve your goals. We create a feedback loop to improve quickly and effectively. We’re concerned about both the customer and employee sides of the applications you implement. For us, it’s the only way anyone can be successful in business.