This latest recognition from AWS reflects our ability to follow best practices for AWS cloud services, and proves our success in delivering these services to our customers.

We are a software company. Our services include cloud application development, optimization, and development of applications hosted on Amazon Web Services. At, we work in an environment of cloud applications that run on AWS (as it is currently dominating the cloud space). Therefore, we understood pretty quickly that a partnership with AWS is a step in the right direction for us.

We had already been on the path to partnership in recent years, but 2020 was the time when we finally entered the system and brought in the full benefits of this global partnership.

How did we do it?

There are three tiers of Amazon Web Services Consulting Partners. Each of the tiers is connected with meeting specific requirements related to using the AWS tools and acquiring AWS certificates by the employees. Gaining experience in the programming field brings you closer to the next tier.

The 3 tiers of APN Consulting Partners are:

Select: This is available to the companies that have completed their Select Consulting Partner journey. It’s also the obligatory checkpoint on your way to getting the Advanced partnership.

Advanced: The partners in this tier are eligible to develop solutions to be featured in the AWS Solution Space. This rank also enables them to apply for additional distinctions within the Competency Programs.

Premier: This tier holds the highest benefits. It proves that the company is accomplished in the realization of AWS projects, and many of its employees have expert knowledge and experience.

Big Things Have Small Beginnings

The companies who want to become a partner simply need to explore the AWS toolset and its services and start using them.

As time goes by, you will undoubtedly start noticing that more and more clients could use your proficiency in working in the AWS cloud. That was the case with The idea to become an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner was brewing for a long time, but we took the first step toward it at the beginning of 2020. We registered in the APN Portal, which documents the experience of every current and potential partner.

The process started gaining momentum quickly. We had recurring meetings with our Account Manager, received information booklets by email, held internal meetings, and collected data about projects we realized using the AWS tools.

It wasn’t easy to enter the APN network. Every candidate is screened thoroughly, and meeting all the qualifications required an immense effort. But in the end, this is what makes the AWS partnership so special and valuable.

What exactly did we do?

Firstly, we created project descriptions of the launched opportunities with Monthly Recurring Revenue. Then we wrote case studies and acquired references. Finally: we prepared for certification exams that test the AWS knowledge.

The higher the partner tiers, the more extensive your experience needs to be. And you do need an actual team of active AWS solution architects and engineers. It’s near impossible to pass the exam if you don’t put your knowledge to practical use. It’s unavoidable to have some questions regarding the process. Fortunately, you can always ask your Account Manager.

What requirements do you need to meet for the Select Consulting Partnership?

The detailed list is available HERE. Below, we present the requirements that we have met.

  • 7 AWS Accredited Individuals (min. 4)
  • 23 launched opportunities with at least 1500 USD MRR (min. 3)
  • 1 publicly referenceable customer
  • 6 customer satisfaction responses (min. 5)
  • 2500 USD annual APN program fee

A Curvy Road

The road to becoming a partner wasn’t without its challenges. Many companies claim that the launch opportunities / monthly revenue requirement is one of the hardest requirements to meet. And this is true for many – you need to prove your experience and go through a multi-level verification.

What you need here is patience. We just kept doing our job, and that’s how we’ve become eligible to apply for the Select, and now for the Advanced partnership. We’ve exceeded the Advanced requirements with 23 confirmed qualifiers (where 20 are obligatory), and 23,000 USD revenue (where 10,000 USD is obligatory).

For us, the challenge came from what happens when we don’t work.

We emphasize the importance of work-life balance, so getting all the certificates took some time. Our employees are always busy with our current projects, and we don’t want to deprive them of their free time. Being able to spend it with your family, or doing what you love, is why we are constantly engaged professionally. But we remained patient, and step by step, dedicating just a bit of our time to this goal, we’ve reached the certificate requirement and became eligible to apply for a Select Consulting Partner

We’d like to take this opportunity and thank the entire team for their priceless engagement. And for the fact that they are still hungry for more! There is still much to come.

Why Was It So Important?

We decided to become an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner for a couple of reasons. At the most surface level, this is a distinction that indicates to our clients that we have both knowledge and experience necessary for cloud application development. But there’s more. We wanted to let our team grow their competencies and join the AWS community to access new sources of knowledge. Not to mention all the measurable benefits.

APN Select Partner

With the Select partnership, we are awarded with AWS credits every time we meet certain criteria, e.g. add a new employee certificate to our account. We can use these credits whenever we need to access tools or services for software testing or internal purposes.

We are now listed in the APN Partner Finder and we’re eligible to use the AWS Select Partner badge in our promotional materials. Additionally, we can use the resources found in the APN Marketing Central. Also, whenever we are looking for advice, we can consult with the AWS experts.

For everyone at, this is a meaningful achievement. Still, even though it may sound like an end of a journey, it is only the beginning.

‘It was great to learn how AWS can partner with our company to increase business agility. This partnership will help us delight our customers with a dedicated delivery team of AWS Solution Architects and Engineers’ – Magda Chabuz, Business Analyst and Growth Leader at