Date: 20 Jul 2020

Java is one of the most popular and trusted programming languages. It’s earned its reputation due to constant updates that bring improvements and new functionalities. Today Java can be used to create enterprise web level applications and entire systems. This is made easier by available frameworks. These, however, often vary in quality.

Date: 10 Jul 2020

In recent months many companies have had to adapt quickly to the new situation. A number of companies have had to transform themselves and offer some or all of their services virtually. The nature of the work of our teams, who work with clients in this way on a daily basis, has not changed. Let’s describe what remote work looks like in terms of using different tools and practices.

Date: 02 Oct 2019

Machine Learning is slowly becoming synonymous with Artificial Intelligence, and around the mysterious name of Data Science accumulated so many myths that it has lost its original meaning long ago. Personally, I consider myself more of a mathematician rather than a programmer because of my mathematical background, which in turn is not so rare among Data Scientists. It will not surprise anyone that I like to use terms that are ordered within a certain system. Therefore, let’s have a look at the AI ecosystem together to introduce some order.

Date: 03 Sep 2019

Sometimes constantly improving and updating old software is as demanding as preparing a new solution from scratch. Considering that there are pros and cons to both approaches, the best way may be to combine both methods and create a hybrid software. Though creating a hybrid software is not alchemy. To clarify, the result may well be the philosopher’s stone of business software.

Date: 13 Mar 2018

We know how it goes. The company is making money, customers are satisfied, all key performance indicators are skyrocketing. And just when everything gets swift and sure, a revolution comes to destabilize business. Rinse and repeat. Read our first article about migrations of systems.