Outsourcing software development entails numerous decisions. First and foremost, you must select the appropriate IT team, which may be more challenging than it appears. Let’s explore the key to ensuring successful collaboration with your extended team.

Essentially, team extension is finding software developers with the right expertise, and culture fit for software development projects. We’ll share some insights based on years of experience helping our clients make the most of cooperation with our dedicated IT teams.

Teamwork makes the dream work

John C. Maxwell

You’ll find out 

  • The necessary processes to effectively engage an extended development team,
  • Factors to consider when hiring your IT team,
  • How to take care of the proper integration of new team members?

Points to consider when hiring an IT team for your project

Creating a unified, high-performance hybrid team of local and remote members is a continuous process that begins on day one and constantly evolves. When hiring software developers within a team extension, it’s crucial to ensure that the new members will match the whole team and the project well. How can you make sure that the cooperation with the hired team will bring the expected benefits to your organization? Here are the simple steps you can take to maximize the effectiveness of the cooperation with your dedicated IT team: 

1. Assess the cultural compatibility 

Team extension focuses on a specific project. The chosen IT specialists will fully concentrate on developing your solution without juggling multiple projects. So, it’s crucial to nourish the communication with your extended team from the start and organize face-to-face (in reality or online) meetings. As you’ll collaborate closely for a longer time, smooth integration and strong cultural compatibility are vital in this context.

2. Verify the team’s know-how

Launching a software development project can involve numerous unforeseen challenges. That’s why it’s good to take the most effective approach that will help you lower the risks of failure. If the team you want to hire has experience in similar projects, there’s a chance they will assist you in every aspect. A deep understanding of your industry will allow the team to implement solutions that respond to your business needs. The team’s know-how can help you elevate the overall effectiveness of your digital product.


While integrating into the client’s team, we explore the functioning of the organization thoroughly, which allows us to gain a better understanding of the company’s needs. We always try to bring in some value and share our experience from previous projects. If we see something is not working properly, we respond and implement proven solutions. Taking a partnership approach is really important for us. As a result, we become the extension of our partner’s organization to the core.

— Ela Stano, Customer Success Manager

3. Choose an IT company that values transparency 

Remaining transparency is crucial to successful cooperation with the extended team. It will help you optimize your project’s results. That’s why choosing the right software development company is so essential. The best IT company is the one that offers a proven cooperation model and has enough experience to advise in many aspects, not only the technical ones. Many software houses build dedicated development teams, and while their offers may vary, you will undoubtedly find the right one for you. If you want to choose your trusted IT team, discover the details of our team-building processes.

Our tip: 

Ensuring efficient team management is vital in enhancing member productivity. That’s how we maintain team’s workflow:  

  • Begin by defining team roles to prevent ambiguities that could hinder productivity.
  • Establish project milestones and develop integration plans for each new team member.
  • Evaluate the efficiency to speed up the software development process.

4. Make sure the IT company ensures proper integration

Integrating new team members into the extended team is the key to the success of your project. Here are the most critical steps for incorporating new developers into the team:

  • Identifying the project’s needs 

Preparing a plan is crucial before hiring a new team member. Identifying the most critical aspects of your project is the best guide to realizing what skills or know-how will enrich the team and the project. This will come in handy while matching people to the project.

  • Devoting time to team’s integration

Do not expect significant results from your team within two or three days. Team members need time to adapt to new situations and learn to work together. So, allow time for integration and enhance the process with the assistance of your software development provider.

  • Standardizing workflows 

Assimilating an extended team into your company culture, management approach, and communication style is essential. Determine the tools you will utilize throughout the project. Developers will feel more integrated if you employ cloud-based project management tools that promote complete transparency. This makes onboarding new members easier, enabling them to achieve better results quickly.

  • Creating space for socializing

Excellent team building requires recruiting skilled individuals and giving them the autonomy to perform their tasks. Having faith in people and allowing them to excel in their roles is essential. For effective teamwork, mutual trust among members is crucial. To foster this trust, team members should engage in socializing activities. In this way, they will build strong bonds and enjoy sharing experiences. 

Summing up

We hope this article demonstrates the advantages of cooperation with the extended teams within your IT project. Entrusting the task of acquiring top talents to an experienced software development provider can benefit your enterprise and make your IT project successful. 

If you’re looking to learn more about team-building, get in touch with us. We can support you by developing skillful teams to deliver IT solutions for your business. Also, visit our blog to discover more technology-related topics.