If something’s for everyone, then it’s for no one in particular. This goes for software as well. You have your specific needs, your company has its specific quirks.
You may discover that there are numerous ready-to-use software options available, but none offers exactly what you’d like to see. That’s when software solutions come into play. A software development company can create an app tailored to suit your company. See what you’d gain, and at what cost.

All the good things about custom software development

1. You can create pretty much anything using development services.

If you need anything, we can build it. Usually clients ask for tailor-made CMS-s, CRM-s, business processing automation systems, e-commerce solutions, or even automated invoicing or bug tracking tools. Your app may be similar to a software solution that you already know, but optimized for your team, or including functionalities from another app that you’d like to merge into a single tool.  

2. It’s an investment that pays.

If you use a tool in the SaaS model, you obviously pay more than you would if you had a software solution of your own. Your money pays for the entire team at the other end, and this team doesn’t just want to survive. They want to make money.

To have a software development company create something of your own, you need to pay a large sum upfront, but then this software is yours. It’s going to serve you for years. You can develop it, change it, upgrade it to always follow your current business needs. This is infinitely better, cheaper, and simpler than finding and switching to new solutions when your company grows too large for what they use.

3. It’s safe.

The problem with popular external software is that it’s… popular. Everyone knows it. Including hackers. The developers usually put a lot of effort in securing their solutions, but the bad guys are always trying to find a hole to squeeze through. That’s because there are treasures at the other end. Mainstream, widely used software is always the no. 1 target for thieves.

Meanwhile, your custom solution will be used by you and you only. No one from the outside has to be aware of it. You can introduce additional security measures. Only your team will know the ins and outs of the system. From the perspective of a hacker: why bother to crack a system that gives you access to one company only, when you can break into hundreds, or thousands, at the same time?

custom software development

4. It can be flexible, it will be easy to use.

Since the software is yours, the software development company can create it the way you want. You can choose solutions that will be handy or comfortable for your team, and the expertise of the developers will help you implement them in a nice and logical manner.

Moreover, our team at fireup.pro always encourages thinking ahead. We like to make software future-proof. By which we mean flexible. We design it in a way that allows us to add new modules or redesign it for other purposes.

5. We can make it compatible with other apps you use.

It’s almost certain that you use more than one software solution, and will have to keep using more than one. However, different types of software gather data in a different manner. It’s often impossible to transfer the information between one system and another. But we can make it possible by ensuring compatibility with a variety of tools.

6. You’ll always have it, and you’ll keep it your way.

Consider this: you subscribe to a SaaS app, you get used to it. You like it. And then the company behind it ends the support. Or, they introduce a change you don’t particularly like. With a custom solution, you will avoid this risk entirely. You will control how the app develops, and you will be certain its support never ends. That’s something no external product can guarantee.

The shadows of custom software development

We strongly believe that using development services to create a custom app is the way to go for many companies. Especially the ones that can’t afford their in-house development team. However, we realize now everything is sunshine and rainbows, and you’ll have to put up with some disadvantages as well. To be precise, with two of them.

1. It’s going to cost you.

Compared with signing up for a readily available SaaS product, custom software requires an investment. You need to pay for weeks of development time. However, as we already said, it won’t take long for you to recoup your investment. And it is an investment—in control, in flexibility, in reliability, in optimising your processes.

2. You’re going to have to wait.

If you need a new software right now, at this moment—well, no software development studio can provide it instantly. That’s what SaaS apps are for. We’ll need time to know your business goals, to propose solutions, to make sure we are aligned with our vision of the software. You’ll have to wait. But when we’re done, you will be 100% independent, and in control.

Ultimately, it’s about the problem vs. reward ratio. And with a software solution of your own, you definitely get more than you lose.

But who is it for, anyway?

Someone cheeky could say that custom software development is for successful companies. But really, think about it. Does Amazon use SaaS or their in-house solution? Does Google rely on some external technology, paid monthly or yearly for a 10% discount? Exactly.

You might say that these are the giants, and not every company even wants to aim this high. That’s true, but everyone had to start somewhere. The colossi started out small, and succeeded thanks to their custom solutions.

The best thing about software development is that it’s scalable. It can work for companies of any size. Especially for the smaller ones, without their dedicated in-house IT department. It all comes down to one question. Are you happy with the generic solutions that are already out there, or do you feel your company needs something more to bloom?

If the answer is the latter, feel free to reach us at fireup.pro