You might have heard that a software house is an AWS partner. Usually dev teams make a lot of fuss about it, but is it really so important? Why, yes. Yes it is.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the single most popular cloud platform out there. Cloud computing is basically the foundation of modern software. Everyone uses it, from governments to game developers. Being a partner of AWS, the leading solution in this area is naturally meaningful. In just a moment we will explain what it means and why you should consider it an important factor when looking for a software house

So what’s the deal with the AWS Partner Network?

AWS Partner Network (APN) connects people and companies from all over the world who have been officially approved by AWS. The partners within the Amazon Partner Network are classified either by the type of service they offer, their proficiency, or their ability to offer additional services at a professional level. 

To become part of this circle, one has to meet certain criteria, but once these requirements are met, the partner can use Amazon Web Services when developing software for their clients. Moreover, AWS also offers support with marketing and selling the solutions created using their services, so it’s a win on multiple levels for the software house.

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Software Architecture

Practically, this means that a software studio such as ours can not only use the best technology out there, but also get in touch with the community of advanced users, and ask the creators of this technology for assistance. If there’s any tricky question regarding security or legal compliance, we’re covered, and this means that we can offer a comprehensive, top-notch service to our clients. This results in solutions that can help you grow and scale your business.

However, accessing AWS services is not a privilege reserved only for partners; everyone can use them. But being a partner opens up access to such benefits that make the use of the services much easier.

Why exactly should you pursue cooperation with an AWS Partner?

We’ve already covered the general advantages, however, Amazon Partner Network (APN) and the studios within this space usually point at four very specific benefits of working with an AWS Partner.

1. Guidance

Considering that Amazon Web Services (AWS) let us freely access any resources available within the most comprehensive network in the world, we can create pretty much anything you need

After analyzing your needs and the specifics of the project, we can help you tailor your initial assumptions to 100% meet your objectives. There won’t be any cut corners or compromises, only the functionality, and quality you look for. And since we have not only the tools but also the expertise, this means you also won’t get anything redundant or superfluous. We’ll save you time and money.

2. Contact

The software you need may be a large, comprehensive project spanning numerous technologies and uses. If you choose working with a developer from outside the APN space, you might need to onboard additional software houses or people specialized or with access to specific niche technologies. This, in turn, means that you may need to stay in touch with numerous entities and coordinate their effort. Well, not here. 

An AWS Partner will be your sole point of contact for your entire multi-layered project. This gives you the advantage of being easily informed about anything, having coordination taken care of, and also having someone to easily spot and resolve any problems before they actually arise.

3. Focus

This advantage stems directly from the previous two. You can be sure that there’s someone to cover all the bases for you, and this gives you the ability to focus on what you should actually do. We’ll manage your software development and inform you about the vision, the progress, or hiccups along the way if there are any. You can go back to your duties and avoid splitting your attention or resources.

4. Optimization

With software, the development journey never ends. You need to constantly update your solutions to stay ahead of technological advancements or threats. When working with an AWS Partner, you get just that. We keep optimizing the software to adapt it to the ever-changing IT space, and also to the evolving user behavior. If you see that a need arises within your user base for a new kind of functionality, or even a refreshment of the visuals to keep up with the zeitgeist, we got you covered.

The important thing is that we don’t just react – we act in advance. We spot opportunities and threats and prepare you for them, meeting both your technological and business goals.

“But why should I just build my own development team?”

We don’t say you shouldn’t. But the chance that it would be a beneficial step for your company is relatively low. If you don’t have the need to constantly take on new software projects, then having a development team in-house would probably be a waste of money in the long run. And assembling a team for just one project is also a huge task: you have to find people, hire them, train them to work together, get the tools… Well, you get the picture.

An AWS Partner can take care of your project immediately, without the additional commitment of time and money. And with access to the absolute best technology and knowledge base out there. If you need new solutions real fast and real bad, we’d say that’s the way to go. is an official Amazon Web Services Partner in the area of implementation of cloud computing. As an official partner, has the necessary knowledge, know-how, and AWS certifications, to provide services of the highest quality. Read about how we became the AWS Partner.

If you liked what you read, consider contacting us at – meet us, tell us about your needs, and we’ll think together about a possible course of action. This won’t cost you a dime and might open up some nice new possibilities. Stay in touch!