Logistics services

Logistics services

On the road to logistics 4.0.

How to manage a freight company successfully? How to decide which forwarder is trustworthy? How to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety? Technology can be of assistance helping to increase business results.

logistics services

The main challenges for the industry

The main challenges for the industry

With increasing demand for freight services there increases the risk of starting cooperation with dishonest contractors. We assist in improving the financial credibility index so that freight companies may decide which company is worth starting cooperation with.

Information flow

Ensuring proper information flow is of strategic importance on the freight market. This process must be undertaken quickly and dynamically. Implementation of efficient tools will allow for achieving a fluent flow of goods and services.

Managing a freight company

Running forwarding or transporting activities is associated with implementing daily orders and carrying out tasks related to documentation and formalities. Thus, effective control of expenditures and the correct work organization are the keys to success for a company of this type. The program developed with the use of the Domain Driven Design and Event-driven architecture intended to run a freight company helps to control the chaos.

Data safety

The data collected in the logistics database belong to one of the most crucial business assets. That is why it is essential to store and protect them properly. Proper management and control of supply chain directly affects the increase of the data safety.

And how do we tackle those challenges?

By means of modern technologies and proven standards.

Technology stack:

Java, Spring


Monitoring / Metrics:

Kibana, Grafana





Queuing systems:



Service discovery:



Data processing:


Data analysis:

Data science

Our realization of Logistics services


About the project provides IT services for the transport branch. The project is a system indicator, being a part of the platform, used to assess the financial credibility of the contractor. The system estimates the probable security of a transaction based on historical data collected in the system.

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