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Scaleup development services

Scaleup development services

Build your business and scale it up to the next level

Are you looking to develop a project in a way that would best support your business? Here’s a reliable solution.


What does it mean to "scale up" a project?

Scale-up is a software development method based on expanding the current version of your application with the new functionalities. This is done step by step. Every new addition is immediately tested to make sure that new ideas actually help the users.


The process starts with a business analysis. It's good to verify the actual situation.


Development is planned around the central idea of reaching your business goals.


After the solution is implemented, immediate feedback from the users lets decide if we should further refine the new functionality.


Your main goal is to develop your business, and if you start working on scaling, it will grow.

Do you really need to modernize your business?

Software does age. At some point, your amazing new website or app is going to start looking old. Has this moment already come? We can help you determine if it's about time to refresh your software. We can also assist when your team is too small to handle the update. Expect smooth communication and milestones delivered on time always within the budget.


Engineering consultancy

You may use the knowledge and know-how of qualified developers

Perfect match

You may match the team of specialized experts to your project


You may optimize your project

Fast delivery

You may quickly introduce changes to your project

How do we scale up your business to the next level?

While preparing for any future growth, you need a strategy that aligns with your current needs. It’s important to properly organize the development process. At every stage, we work closely with you to ensure we agree on the product vision. Making it possible to broaden your organization’s development options in the future.



Building a product that's open for scaling requires a proper environment. One that allows for the implementation of new features, but also for the introduction of additional team members. In order to create a scaling-ready project, you need to choose an appropriate architecture. Your product should be either a "modular monolith", a collection of microservices, or an assemblage of independent subsystems that can work with each other.


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About the project

mySugr - one of the most promising startups from Vienna - specializes in app-based, all-around care for people with diabetes - made by people with diabetes. The company is growing fast. They joined the Roche family in June of 2017. Currently over 1.8 million people are using this worldwide diabetes tracker log. Wishing to cooperate with talented programmers, they established a partnership with in 2018.

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Logistics services

How to manage a freight company successfully? How to decide which forwarder is trustworthy? How to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety? Technology can be of assistance helping to increase business results.

Healthcare services

New technologies influence not only the digital world development. Healthcare solutions can change the lives of millions of people for the better. This applies to the offline world as well.

HR services

In the days of employee market employers compete each other in trying not only to win employees but first of all to keep them in their jobs. Offering various benefits or perks is the most popular method of achieving this purpose. When you offer a variety of benefits it is crucial to manage them skillfully.