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It really has been a pleasure to work with fireup.pro. Within an extremely short amount of time, they got up to speed with our processes, structures, and tech stack, and they continuously deliver highest quality.

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Custom software development services case

Trans.eu is one of the biggest freight exchanges in Europe. Every day the exchange connects thousands of carriers, shippers and forwarders to transport cargoes all over the continent. Before entering into transactions customers of the exchange needed information about their contractors. We helped them create a system that displays detailed data prior to entering into transaction in the system This is how the CBIF was crated.

Custom software development services

What have we done within CBIF?

The solution we have created is a data warehouse which aggregates information from several sources and displays the information to the end-user. The processed data include: information about the company, the company’s employees, certificates, documents, age of the vehicles, their date of manufacture, exhaust emission standard or the percentage of vehicles using GPS systems in a given carrier’s vehicle fleet.

Our responsibility

Within the CBIF project we were responsible for creating a common data-reading model. We were also responsible for preparing a solution that would quickly present the results of individual inquiries through data-read models.

What benefits does the approach bring?

Adjustment to the needs

Effective cooperation

Taking into account the nature of the industry

Easy to maintain and easy to introduce changes


The percentage of customers ready to recommend our services


The percentage of customers who continue cooperation with us after the initial project


Customer satisfaction percentage

When will it turn out to be useful?

The industry is well-regulated

Legal regulations make it necessary for you to think about protecting your data and your customers' data

You have a unique idea

You have a unique idea which is to be created by a dedicated team

You want to be independent

You want to have a full impact on the product development and direction of your software and do not wait for market standards

You value safety

You value security and want to influence the level of control of sensitive data at every level

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