Hono is a lightweight, simple, and fast web framework for Cloudflare, AWS, Deno, Bun, Node.js, Fastly and other applications. It offers inbuilt support for TypeScript, and easy development in a local environment. Hono is also ultrafast and lightweight (under 14kB).

Hono features:

Ultrafast 🚀 – The router RegExpRouter is really fast. Not using linear loops. Fast.
Lightweight 🪶 – The hono/tiny preset is under 14kB. Hono has zero dependencies and uses only the Web Standard API.
Multi-runtime 🌍 – Works on Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Compute, Deno, Bun, AWS Lambda, or Node.js. The same code runs on all platforms.
Batteries Included 🔋 – Hono has built-in middleware, custom middleware, third-party middleware, and helpers. Batteries included.
Delightful DX 😃 – Super clean APIs. First-class TypeScript support. Now, we’ve got “Types”.

Fastest router!

RegExpRouter is the fastest router in the JavaScript world. It matches the route using a single large Regex created before dispatch. With SmartRouter, it supports all route patterns.

LinearRouter registers the routes very quickly, so it’s suitable for an environment that initializes applications every time. PatternRouter simply adds and matches the pattern, making it small.

Hono is the fastest, compared to other routers for Cloudflare Workers. See more in official benchmarks

Built in middleware and helpers

Hono has many middleware and helpers. These makes “Write Less, do more” a reality.
Out of the box, Hono provides middleware and helpers for: Basic Authentication, Bearer Authentication, Body Limit, Cache, Compress, Cookie, CORS, ETag, html, JSX, JWT Authentication, Logger, Pretty JSON, Secure Headers, SSG, Streaming, GraphQL Server, Firebase Authentication, Sentry, Others!