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We’ve been expecting you!

We know you love writing code for a long time, but when we add something that has to offer, we can really crush it together!

At you will have a possibility to build and develop high-quality apps or working with the client in the decision-making process regarding the project.

If you’d ever wanted to expand your knowledge of Machine Learning, DDD or Python, don’t look for workshops throughout Poland any further. you’ll find them over here! Together, we’re one team of specialists and we’re happy to share knowledge. In addition, as employees we’re able to obtain training and certification of Oracle and AWS.

So, what else to expect? Apply to us!

we want you to:

  • develop high-quality applications for iOS
  • advise clients in the decision-making process
  • improve internal iOS development processes
  • share knowledge with the community and/or contributing to open source projects

we expect:

  • General
    • knowledge about tools for app monitoring
    • awareness of good practices and programming patterns
  • Tools:
    • knowledge about Swift (prefered)
    • skills in iOS SDK
    • ability to use APNs (Apple Push Notification Service), local notification
    • knowledge about Realm/CoreData
    • ability to create test with XCTest (unit testing), TDD
    • practical knowledge about Version Control: Git
  • Design:
    • experience in creating UX
    • ability to use Cocoa Touch
    • skills in creating apps for phones and tablets

we appreciate:

  • knowledge about MVP/MVVM (data binding)
  • experience in a similar position
  • skills in reactive programming
  • knowledge about integration with Apple devices

Our recruitment process

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Gosia Majcherek

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Małgorzata Majcherek

EB & HR Area Leader