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We’ve been expecting you!

At, you’ll be responsible for writing and testing code, debugging programs, and integrating applications. If you know how to use server-side logic and you work well in a team, you are the most welcome. Also, if you are interested in data science solutions, we can guarantee you will find Machine Learning fans at, too! If you’d ever wanted to expand your knowledge of, for example, DDD or AWS cloud infrastructure, don’t look for workshops throughout Poland any further, you’ll find them over here! Together, we’re one team of specialists, and we’re happy to share knowledge.

So, what else to expect? Apply to us!

we want you to:

  • designing and implementing applications using Python
  • take part in the development of concepts and planning new modules and functionalities
  • work in an Agile team using SCRUM
  • fixing bugs
  • prepare the necessary documentation
  • be a reliable team player

we expect:

  • at least 3 years of experience in Python
  • solid knowledge of at least one Python web framework (e.g. Flask, FastAPI, Django)
  • experience in working with databases (relational and non-relational)
  • knowledge of the specifics of concurrency in the Python ecosystem (AsyncIO, distributed task queues – e.g. Celery or RQ)
  • experience in containerisation and CI/CD
  • experience in testing software (pytest)
  • knowledge of Python idioms and type annotations
  • proficiency in Git
  • good command of English

we appreciate:

  • experience in microservices
  • experience in serverless
  • frontend skills (React, Angular, TypeScript)
  • experience with Jira

Our recruitment process

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