Date: 10 Dec 2020


What’s the connection between JavaScript and home automation? And why would anyone be interested in custom HA if there’s a ton of ready to use solutions that you can just download and install?  I decided to start the project for a simple reason. I like tinkering. One day, I decided to create such an automation […]

Date: 03 Dec 2020


Node.JS is JavaScript on a server. It hangs on a single thread, using non-blocking I/O queries. Thanks to this, it can process tens of thousands of connections at the same time. It has advantages, but it also has flaws. It’s certainly not for everyone. D’uh! But if you have a minute to read more about […]

Date: 19 Nov 2020

The title of this article may be a little provocative, but that’s a general idea. This time, it’s not just about sharing knowledge. We want to start a discussion about different approaches to programming. And also about how ignoring or underappreciating certain aspects may harm the final product. Let’s start with defining a microservice. It’s […]

Date: 09 Nov 2020


In today’s world data is king, and you need to have a clear view of its entirety if you want to make proper use of it. In this article, we’ll show you how to use widely available free tools to create a platform for streaming data from multiple sources to a single source – for […]

Date: 22 Oct 2020


Redux has been the go-to solution for state management since its conception in 2015. “You should use Redux” became such a universal truth, that so many started using it without really understanding why. And there are situations where Redux isn’t the best option. Some started to look for alternatives, including adopting other state management libraries or creating their own.

Date: 09 Sep 2020

Imagine you have an idea for a software product and decide to hire external developers to create it. Do you know how to communicate with them and express the challenges you are facing? The challenges that they will inevitably face as well?