Date: 06 May 2021

Categories:Data Security

What are your associations when someone talks about a catastrophe? Hurricane, flood, etc. However, we are aware that our data may also be exposed to various threats. In this article, I will explain what types of threats our data is exposed to, what DR plans are, and how to protect your data from disasters.

Date: 29 Apr 2021


Most people take for granted the necessity to use software when running a business. Not so many use it consciously. The right software can leverage your company, reinvent its workflow, and become the key asset for growth and expansion. And the biggest hitters in today’s world are the ones who bet on custom software applications.

Date: 22 Apr 2021

Categories:Data Security

Recently, the world has been informed about another „leak”. According to the Cyber ​​News portal, the database of over 1.3 million records from Clubhouse was published by hackers. Is the so-called data scraping a fresh trend among cybercriminals who want to earn money by selling data? It’s another cybersecurity topic in addition to the most […]

Date: 15 Apr 2021

Hard skills are extremely valuable. They assist with a specific career and ensure that you possess the necessary expertise to complete tasks. Soft skills, on the other hand, should not be underestimated. These are skills that can be applied to a variety of situations and can be used to specialize in a particular job. So, in this article, I would like to describe the importance of soft skills in a tech-focused world.

Date: 08 Apr 2021

There is no golden measure on how to become a programmer, but I believe that it is worth sharing knowledge in this area and helping people who are at the crossroads of their careers and do not know what to do. This article is especially intended for people who are planning their first steps in IT, but I hope that every reader of this blog will gain something valuable from there.

Date: 01 Apr 2021

Most businesses you can think of are driven by quality. The quality of the product, of delivery, of customer service. And most of these factors at least partially depend on the software you use. Considering all of the above, is it a good idea to get a solution readily available in a store? Or should you invest in custom software?