Senior PHP Developer

PHP Developer is responsible for creating and implementing applications written in the PHP language. At, a part of your professional duties will be designing software, but also taking care of development and integrating with other systems and creating project documentation.

If you’d ever wanted to expand your knowledge of, for example, Machine Learning, DDD, or AWS cloud infrastructure, don’t look for workshops throughout Poland any further, you’ll find them over here! Together, we’re one team of specialists, and we’re happy to share knowledge.

So, what else to expect? Apply to us!

we want you to:

  • create and implement high-quality applications,
  • fixing bugs,
  • work in an Agile team using SCRUM,
  • prepare the necessary documentation,
  • be a reliable team player.

we expect:

  • at least 2 years of experience in PHP,
  • knowledge of Laravel,
  • good understanding of MySQL,
  • ability to use Docker for development
  • experience in GIT,
  • good command of English.

we appreciate:

  • knowledge about JavaScript/React,
  • good understanding of HTML/JS/CSS,
  • ability to use AWS,
  • knowledge of Symfony or Zend,
  • experience with Jira.

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