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Development of employees with the help of technology

In the days of employee market employers compete each other in trying not only to win employees but first of all to keep them in their jobs. Offering various benefits or perks is the most popular method of achieving this purpose. When you offer a variety of benefits it is crucial to manage them skillfully.

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The main challenges for the industry

Diversity management

Accessibility of multiple and diversified benefits is an important element for employees which fulfills their needs and appreciates individual passions and interests. We help companies to control a diverse offer and manage it in an automated and effective manner.

Equality of rights and just culture

Dynamic situation on the labor market causes us to employ many workers, employ them often and employ foreigners from various countries. To ensure transparency of the accessibility to particular benefits the systems we plan enable to assign various powers to various groups of users.

Keeping the right structure and relation of wages

The employees using cafeteria systems expect such systems to have stability and multi-functionality related with automated charging and clearing employees’ benefits in a constant and predictable manner. The functionalities that we implement are complementary in nature.

Ensuring safety

Data safety is currently the top challenge in many industries. Our customers can sleep safe and sound because the systems process their data according to the highest standards.


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Queuing systems:



The projects we have done in HR services

MyBenefit – belongs to the European Benefit Systems capital group; the creator of the most popular cafeteria platform in Poland. It offers services of several thousands of partners. It is the first in Poland and the biggest, from the perspective of its benefits’ offer, Cafeteria – type of platform.

Benefit Systems

Our responsibility

In the project we started to prepare a new company event module within the cafeteria system for the main customer of MyBenefit. We worked on standardizing paths to purchase and developing subscription benefits module.

Additional benefits for customers

While making the project we took an active part in starting a new module in customer’s premises. In our everyday work we offer professional consultancy based on the previous experience of the team.

The people in are professionals in terms of their maturity, knowledge and culture. It is a sheer pleasure to work with them. I value their level of transparency, communication skills and the courage tp face challenges in new projects.

Paweł Czaja

Product Owner MyBenefit

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