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The idea is just the beginning

Do you have an idea for a product, but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you know what to do, but lack the means to make it happen? Use the technology and know-how of

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How to start a new project?

Aim high but proceed one step at a time. Instead of comprehensive product, first create its basic version called MVP (Minimum Viable Product).


Analysis is the key to introducing any product to the market.


With MVP, you can verify if your idea works as intended and gather early feedback from the users.


If your product takes root, you can proceed to develop it. We are here to help you, so you can tell us what you want to change.


When you get it ready for distribution it will already have an established base of customers, and its usefulness will be confirmed. You can then achieve both goals with minimal effort.

What is the MVP?

Minimum Viable Product is a prototype of your product. Its creation conforms to the Agile Methodology of app development, which assumes that it's essential to verify as early as possible if the proposed solution will work as intended. Agile is one of the primary Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC).



You can quickly test a new solution and draw effective conclusions


You may adept the solution to your business on a new level


You may create solutions unavailable on the market


You may quickly change your concept depending in the results and needs

How long does it take to build an MVP?

We are aware that you wish to receive your product as soon as possible. In order for our software house to get ready to start developing, we need to know your expectations, goals, and budget. Our work comprises the stages below, some of which are optional.

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Architecture planning

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Work planning

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At the beginning, we need to analyze your needs. We know from our experience how important it is to lay the groundwork of the project. At this stage, it's worth distinguishing the functions that are of greatest value to your company. That’s why we always create MVP based on customer expectations. We also help to consult and give you advice, so it’s easier to start our cooperation.


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Our best work From scratch development services

Who should you entrust with the transport of cargo on a particular route? Is the interested carrier reliable? Many cargo companies face such choices every day. SmartMatch is a solution that will help you make the right business decision based on the analysis of data from different sources.

software development life cycle models

What have we done within SmartMatch?

The solution functions on the exchange – one of the biggest freight exchanges in Europe. SmartMatch analyzes 21 factors on the basis of which you can find the ideal carrier for your goods. The factors include the certificates possessed by the carrier, marks, route matching, age of the vehicle fleet or previous experience with the customer. Depending on the factor’s significance each filter may decrease or increase the value of the carrier.

Our responsibility

After collecting the data, we performed the data analysis on the Spark computing platform. The indicators were used to recommend freight carriers. Then we made the integrations of the mathematical model - the learning machine - an algorithm that scores the company (constant features).

Additional benefits for our customer

The most valuable benefit of this project is long-term cooperation. Another aspect is the trust and high-quality product that meets the requirements of users from all over the world.

In the dynamically changing market conditions, which are the basis for the specificity of the SmartMatch solution, a committed team is important in the cooperation. They also need to be able to translate ideas into a working solution, while understanding the specificity of the business. The team complies with these criteria.

Aleksander Olbert

Product Owner


How to progress from an idea to an MVP?


Developing in the From Scratch Development Services model starts with estimating the real budget and pinpointing the most important features of the product. Our software house can help you make this selection. At first, the most important element is what we call the background—the spinal column of the product which allows its most basic version to function. When we have it, we can add more elements. Each of these additional parts can be modified later on, according to user feedback.

How can we help to create and further develop an MVP?

  • As an experienced company we provide mentoring and technical support.
  • We assist in the selection of technologies that will make it easier to create an MVP
  • and further develop it.
  • We suggest the way to develop the product at the later stages of development.
  • Our senior developers may lead the project within the Zero-to-MVP service. We will
  • create your product from scratch.
  • We will ensure that your products fulfill your vision and expectations.
  • We will help develop the product after receiving initial feedback.

How much does it cost to create an MVP?


In large part, the cost of developing an MVP depends on you. You will set the project's budget and select the elements the MVP should include. We can provide our expertise and help you optimize the cost. Additional price valuation factors

  • 'Mobile-friendly' requirement
  • Development of API or admin panel
  • Integration with external channels
  • Time required for project completion

In conclusion, the cost of any application depends on its functionality, complexity, and the choice of target platforms. In order to estimate the time frame, we need a comprehensive specification. We'll be happy to suggest the elements you should include.

How to pay for app development?


We believe the defining feature of a good software house is choice. Thus, we always provide more than one option to our clients—including settlements.

  1. Fixed Price is recommended for well-defined projects that don't anticipate far-reaching changes at a later stage.
  2. Time & Material is beneficial for From Scratch Development Services projects using the Agile Methodology, created and optimized one step at a time. Click the following options to learn more.

Which technology should I choose to build an online/mobile app?


The choice of technology depends on the goal of the project and the required functionality of your app. As an experienced software house, we can select the optimal solutions in terms of both function and cost. Our recommended technologies will meet both your and your target users' expectations. When developing mobile apps, our crew at works mostly with the React Native framework. This solution allows us to create an app for iOS and Android at the same time. With React Native libraries we can also make cross-platform apps that work in online browsers. This solution is especially effective when our client expects fast and dynamic communication. We also have a variety of tools for web solutions. As an experienced software house, we always choose what best serves the project, and know which solution helps avoid unnecessary costs.
Click and read more on our blog.

How can we help lower the cost?


If you're wondering how to swiftly create a new product, the best solution is to adapt the Agile Methodology and start with an MVP. We help pick the necessary elements and build an MVP while minimizing costs and verifying project assumptions. At this stage we still expect the development to change direction, and we remain ready to include any required changes. Additionally, we collect feedback from the client in the course of regular meetings. This way we can constantly verify and improve the product. All the while, we don't waste time on elements that are unnecessary or secondary at this stage of advancement.

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