Date: 10 Nov 2021

When faced with a choice of a software development team, you have a world of those to choose from. Literally. Country borders don’t limit you at all. So should you choose someone from your own country or from abroad? And if the latter, is it safe to bet on a team from far, far away? Let’s take a look at the concepts of offshoring, onshoring and nearshoring.

Date: 05 Nov 2021

‍This certification is a relevant recognition gained after meeting strict requirements this tier was part of our cloud growth strategy to meet customer’s needs.

Date: 07 Oct 2021

Code Review is one of key tools for teams dealing in software development. It ensures that changes introduced to the codebase won’t break things instead of improving them. Here’s how to approach the review process to make the most out of it.

Date: 07 Sep 2021

During the coronavirus pandemic, distance learning technologies were given a fresh breath of life. Many firms have begun to adopt ready-made distance learning platforms in order to efficiently train specialists and enhance staff knowledge levels. However, there are numerous cases where a company has requested the creation of its own training methods to provide the needed degree of proficiency.

Date: 05 Aug 2021

Various businesses require skills and technical expertise to support their operations. Finding the ideal service provider to fulfill your business’s demands can be a real challenge. It’s even more difficult when it comes to software companies and the IT industry, where anyone can claim to be an „expert”.

Date: 22 Jul 2021

You might have heard that a software house is an AWS partner. Usually dev teams make a lot of fuss about it, but is it really so important? Why, yes. Yes it is.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the single most popular cloud platform out there. Cloud computing is basically the foundation of modern software. Everyone uses it, from governments to game developers. Being a partner of AWS, the leading solution in this area, is naturally meaningful. In just a moment we will explain what it means and why you should consider it an important factor when looking for a software house.