Date: 18 Jun 2018

Stefan Moritz, a well-known service design coach, said: „80% of companies believe they deliver outstanding value and a superior customer experience, but only 8% of their customers agree.” Let’s find out how to be a part of that 8% group. Regardless of the role, we play in a project.

Date: 02 Aug 2018

It would seem that a good choice of technology is the basis of a good project. It would also seem to be a simple choice. Nothing could be more wrong. Read on to see how you can go wrong and suffer from unnecessary costs through a lack of a proper and accurate analysis of business assumptions and MVP.

Date: 25 Sep 2018

As software developers, we write code which falls into one of two categories. The first one is the business logic code – the essence of the software we create. The second one is infrastructure code – a backbone of the application. Did you ever think what is the optimal ratio between an amount of code in these two categories? In this article, I will share my observations on this topic. Small side note, in the course of this article I will use term BICR to denote Business/Infrastructure Code Ratio. That’s actually one of the aspects of essential and accidental complexity, where business logic code generates essential complexity and infrastructure code generates accidental complexity.

Date: 10 Dec 2018


Some may ask: what is the point in doing code review if we have automated tests? Let me ask differently…what exactly do tests test? Is the app correct? Or whether the app has errors? My answer is: tests can only help us know if the app has errors. Tests alone, don’t care about the quality of the code.

Date: 06 Jun 2019


In our company teams are practicing Scrum. Below you can find a simple explanation on how we perform backlog items estimation.

Date: 26 Aug 2020

Long story short: you need a Product Owner to make sure that you are going towards the finish line without meandering around. With such a person at your company, the team can focus on precisely defined tasks that generate more value than random undertakings. When starting a software development project, it's crucial that you know what kind of value every team member brings to the table. In some cases this is self-explanatory. Java Programmers write the code and Testers test it. Duh. However, there are roles that are hard to understand at first glance. A Product Owner? What's a Product Owner?